Adventures in Iceland

I arrived in Iceland at Keflavik Airport around 7:00am with an entire day ahead of me for exploring.

From the airport I took a FlyBus into the town of Reykjavik.  The FlyBus was $45 for a round trip.  This seemed like the best deal as I was told taxis in Iceland were rather expensive.  Reykjavik’s economy is based almost entirely off of tourism so everything there was a bit on the expensive side.

I got to downtown Reykjavík around 8:30 that morning.  I walked up and down the coastline for an hour or so before heading back to the town square.  The view along the coastline was absolutely breathtaking.  At ten I met with a group for a tour with CityWalk. The tour was very informative and fun as well as free!  I learned quite a bit about Iceland, including that it is the most inclusive country in terms of gender and sexual orientation along with the fact that the Icelandic language has not changed in years and has not been influenced by any other languages since it’s original Danish influence.  I was quite intrigued by some of the facts that I learned during the tour.

I was especially intrigued by the language while I was there.  People tried to speak to me in Icelandic a few times however I could not understand them.  I decided that in my day there I wanted to learn how to speak Icelandic.  I was able to pick up on a few different things but most were just simple phrases.

At the end of the tour I headed back to the bus terminal to catch my bus back to the airport.  Although the day was a bit rainy and cold, it was an amazing city and I would love to go back for a longer visit someday!

Below are some pictures from my trip.  In addition, you can check out my Instagram post from Iceland here!


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