Last Saturday my family and I traveled to Amsterdam for a half marathon as well as a softball tournament.  We arrived Saturday afternoon at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.  From the airport we took a train and a bus to our hotel in Leiden, South Holland where we would be staying for the next few days.

Upon arriving at the hotel, we learned that there were twice as many bikes in the country as there were cars so naturally we rented bikes for the duration of our trip.  That evening, we explored the town a bit on our bikes.  It was a cute little town, but I must say I felt like they had a bit of a stigma against tourists (especially Americans — but who doesn’t these days?).

Overall the trip was incredible! We visited three different towns: Leiden (where we stayed), The Hague (den Haag) and Amsterdam.  Leiden was a small university town about 40 minutes (by train) outside of Amsterdam.  It was much more rural than the other two locations we visited but had a nice little downtown area.  The next location, den Haag, was about twenty minutes from us.  We only briefly visited the downtown area of den Haag though.

Lastly, Amsterdam was a city of rich culture! I enjoyed touring the city very much.  After dinner we decided to tour the Red Light District.  While it was interesting to see, I felt like it was a little sad seeing women on display just waiting to be bid on.  I learned that in Amsterdam it is a legitimate profession though with health benefits and a retirement plan, much different than in the States.

Overall the trip was wonderful! My family did quite well in the Leiden Half Marathon and my cousin played well in her softball tournament!  It was definitely a successful trip.

Check out my Instagram posts from the trip here! Below are some more photos from the trip!


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