Lisboa, Portugal

On Wednesday, I began my short four country tour. My day started early when I caught the 4:30 bus to London Luton. After a three hour flight I arrived in Lisbon around 10am local time. My first stop was the Parque do Eduardo in the center of town. The park has a wonderful view of the city center if you stand at the top of the hill. I took some photos and headed down the hill to my hostel. I hung out at the hostel for a bit, dropped my bag and went out to explore some more. 

This time I headed to the city center down by the coastline. Again, the view was stunning. From here I walked down the coastline to see where I would end up. When I got to a “dead end” I turned around and walked back. I explored the plaza and eventually sat down for lunch. I had a delicious sandwich and then continued along my way. I took the train back to the hostel where I hung out and met some fellow travelers.

That night, the hostel hosted a family dinner and karaoke night. For 5€ you got a vegetarian dinner. The hostel hosted these family dinners every night but that night it was rice and curry. After dinner we had karaoke night. While I didn’t participate it was fun to watch and hang out. The hostel I stayed at was called the Urban Garden Hostel. If you’re in the Lisbon area and looking for a place to stay I highly recommend it. It was an incredibly welcoming environment. 

The next morning I had some time before I had to be at the airport so I asked the hostel manager where he recommended I go in my short amount of time. I started by heading back to the Parque do Eduardo so that I could take some more pictures. From there I headed back down towards the city center this time taking an old road recommended by the hostel manager. When I got down towards the city center I looked up and to my left for a beautiful view of the castle! 

Overall the city was gorgeous and I enjoyed myself quite a bit. I hope to have the opportunity to go back sometime! To check out my Instagram posts from Lisbon, click here! The next stop on my trip is Spain where I’ll spend a day in Madrid and a day in Barcelona! Check back soon to see what I’m up to! 


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