Zurich then Berlin

I say this about every city I visit abroad but Zurich was absolutely amazing! For those of you who don’t know me, i’ve continually said the past few years that when I’m ready to settle down somewhere I’m going to pick up my stuff and move out west, Colorado, Utah, somewhere where I’m near mountains and skiing. This trip solidified that I’ll be doing that as soon as I’m done traveling. Zurich was everything I dream of in a place to live.

I arrived in Zurich Saturday midday but was quite tired from my previous adventures that I didn’t do much the first day I was there. I took the day to rest and figure out what I was going to see while I was in town.

I woke up early for breakfast the following day and then headed into town. To start off the morning I headed to the Zurich main station before taking a tram to Grossmünster, a church with an incredible view. After paying a 4 franc fee, you get to climb up a small tower to a viewing platform. I climbed to the top, took some pictures and headed back down. From there I went to walk around the lake area a bit, visiting a few different parks and landmarks in the process. When I was satisfied with my photos I returned to the hotel for lunch. After relaxing and eating I went out for Uetliberg. For those of you who don’t know, Uetliberg is a mountain where you can either hike to the top or take the train. The mountain has an incredible viewing area. I took the train ride to the top which took about 20 minutes. From there it was another 10 minute walk to the top. The view was incredible.

I spent about an hour up there before heading back down for dinner. Zurich was absolutely wonderful. Everywhere you look you were surrounded by beautiful views. Another upside, more for those who live there than anything, the town wasn’t covered in tourists.

The next morning I woke up early for breakfast before heading to the airport to catch my flight to Berlin.

I arrived in Berlin again around midday on Tuesday and again spent most of the day being lazy and relaxing. During that time I was able to plan out some of the things I was going to do in Berlin.

The following day I woke up for breakfast, then left for another SANDEMANs tour. I had a bit of trouble and was late. I had to wait another hour for the next tour. I had no issue with this so I snuck into Starbucks for a bit and it was a good thing I did. A few minutes after I walked in it began to downpour. Everyone in the area rushed for cover while I already had a comfy seat. A few moments later it began to hail. Not a few minutes after that it was sunny again. (And people in Ohio say their weather is crazy…)

At noon I made my way back to the Brandenburg Gate for the tour. My tour guide was a lovely woman from England. On the tour we had the chance to see various monuments and memorials like the holocaust memorial, the Berlin Wall and then checkpoint Charlie. After a break we went over to the opera house as well as babel platz. All of the sights were quite interesting to see. I’ve had the chance to learn about German history over the last few years and seeing it was quite cool. We also talked about what the Germans think now (click here for more on that).

After my tour I asked my tour guide where she recommended I go next. I headed back over towards the Brandenburg gate and walked to the victory column. At the victory column I paid three euros to head up to the top. I climbed the numerous stairs for some pictures (click here to see my photo from the top). After taking some pretty cool pictures I headed back down. From there I walked around some more and had the chance to see things like the soviet memorial. When I had enough I went to the train station and made my way to the east side gallery. From here I walked up and down the wall for a bit and then made my way back to my hostel.

The following day, I had a later flight so after checking out of the hostel I began to make my way to the airport. I had to change trains at Alexanderplatz so I decided to leave the train station and explore for a bit. Shopping has never really been my thing so I didn’t last very long. From there I took the airport express to Schönefeld.

As always you can check out my Instagram posts here! The next stop on my trip is Berlin so from here on out you can expect reflections or advice more so than recaps from my day.


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